SICAMM Online Conference 2021

Dear enthusiasts of the Dark Bee,
The SICAMM online Conference 2021 will take place

October 23, 2021

You are invited to enjoy a full day of interesting presentations about project, activities and scientific insights
about the Dark Bee in Europe.

As we are a young non-profit organization, we depend on donations to cover our starting costs. Your contribution will therefore be highly appreciated.

Please register here to participate life in the SICAMM online Conference 2021.

If you wish to share your engagement for the dark bee with the community, get the abstract submission form and submit it until August 13, 2021 to

We are looking forward receiving your contribution.


Further Information

Provisional 2021-SICAMM on-line-meeting on Saturday 23 of October

  • There will be lectures of 20-45 min each: number and length of lectures depend on applications
  • In addition all subscribed participants will receive an e-proceedings containing all papers, abstracts and summaries of local activities the SICAMM board and SICAMM scientific committee has received before 1st July 2021.

In order to structure the online-conference we decided to propose a limited number of topics to be discussed:

The topics
1. Conservation areas, including wild bees: definition, how to deal with politics, how to maintain the conservation area …..
2. The Practice  of beekeeping with AMM/dark bees (development of the colony from spring to autumn; queen rearing, behaviour, honey, propolis and wax production)varroa tolerance etc…
3. Genetics and Bee breeding: trait testing, breeding value estimation, genomic selection, molecular and morphological characteristics of AMM, varroa resistance/tolerance)
4. Reports of activities from local AMM groups


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